Company policy

Company policy

Ferlatta Spa corporate policy

The FERLATTA quality policy, shown below, has been defined by management and will be constantly reviewed by the same as part of the management review to ensure systematic compliance with the needs of customers, the market and the organization. It is brought to the attention of all internal and external company resources of the organization through the presentation in the context of institutionalized meetings and its dissemination.

Our customer orientation:

  • ur performance is measured considering the needs and requirements of our customers;

  • our customers perceive us as a reference supplier for painting and lithographic printing of tinplate and coils cutting; attention to quality, flexibility, competitiveness as well as the ability to customize and respect delivery times. Our reference markets are national and international;

  • we develop relationships of trust with customers, consolidated by years of collaboration that allow us to know in advance the needs of volumes and types requested; we support sales with a staff able to support the customer in order management;

  • in the preparation of lithographs, in the development and customization of “ad hoc” products.

Our product orientation

  • maintain and constantly improve the technological knowledge of the product;

  • develop and promote the use of products that are increasingly performing;

  • use leading suppliers in the reference sector; that have state-of-the-art technologies in the sector in which they operate;

  • make use of innovative machines and systems, made by industry leaders;

  • make use of market leading suppliers able to support the various needs of our client;

  • take care of the product in the various stages of processing;

  • deliver just in time.

Our orientation towards mandatory and voluntary legislation:

  • comply with the law (contractual, national, European and international), the mandatory and voluntary product and process requirements, inherent in the industrial, accounting and personnel management fields;

  • guarantee the continuous updating, through qualified information sources, of the applicable legislation.

Our orientation towards collaborators:

  • the working philosophy of our company would be very little if it were not strongly supported by the availability, professional preparation and responsibility of all those who work for it, creating a synergistic collaboration towards common objectives;

  • continuous training, operations by objectives, organization, optimization and a sense of deep respect for the customer and the supplier are the basis of our professionalism.

Our process orientation:

  • the organization’s processes are defined and documented with the support of the collaborators involved;

  • all the managers involved work for the improvement of the processes;

  • the management system we practice is process-oriented in compliance with the EN ISO 9001 standard and to promote continuous improvement;

  • implement working methods that allow the correct identification and traceability of the products;

  • measure the effectiveness of its processes through the implementation of the necessary indicators and the implementation of internal checks (on its processes) and external (on its suppliers).

Our orientation towards sustainable development:

  • encourage raw material recycling policies;

  • consider sustainable development as a structural and lasting phenomenon; this is why the Management has decided to undertake to limit the negative effects of its actions on society and the environment by launching targeted initiatives.

Our orientation towards social responsibility:

  • ensure that:
    • free association, the choice of their representatives, and collective bargaining with the employer are not hindered;

    • forced labor is not used;

    • no workers below the legal minimum age are used, or who are of compulsory school age;

    • workers are not denied equal opportunities for work and treatment;

    • the working conditions do not endanger health and safety.

Our safety orientation:

  • apply an occupational safety policy consisting of the prevention of occupational and non-occupational accidents and the promotion of occupational health.

Our orientation towards the environment:

  • initiatives such as the installation of photovoltaic panels, the development of policies to reduce energy consumption, are part of the commitments made in the environmental sense, together with our desire for continuous improvement of work processes and any related activity;

  • in this way we guarantee our customers a responsible purchase of raw materials.

Our orientation towards innovation:

  • continuously search for all those technological and organizational innovations that are able to improve the performance of the company, also with the use of technical support from suppliers;

  • promote constant development of IT systems, thus ensuring the reduction of errors, efficiency as well as the identification and traceability of raw materials, components and semi-finished products.

Our orientation towards the quality management system policy:

  • systematically check and update, when necessary, the Quality Management System Policy;

  • communicate it and promote its understanding and application within the organization;

  • make it available to all interested parties.


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